from by Minda Lacy

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Looking at this mess of scattered papers on the floor
That came from empty interactions with people once before
We close our eyes to all the pretty little faces we once knew
It’s what we do
It’s what we do

I wish that I could let you know precisely what I mean
To fill the miles of silence in the inches between us
But words can be hollow as everybody knows
It’s how it goes
It’s how it goes

And every now and then I can’t help but feel
That the universe is mad of a giant hamster wheel
And everybody’s running just because they can
But they don’t really understand
And I’ve been running too
‘Cause there’s nothing else to do
But only sometimes
Only sometimes

And now we’re dying in the sunshine and we’re dying in the rain
And some are dying faster but we’re dying all the same
And it often really blows
To just sit and decompose
But only sometimes

Sometimes it’s actually kind of cozy
And we should all take a little advise from a posy
‘Cause all they do is posy in the sunshine
And posy in the rain
And no matter what is said
Well they posy all the same
And they never stop and question the position of their time
No, posy’s don’t ask why
Am I alive

Now after far too much tequila I was talking with a friend
He said ,“I’m tired of lying and I’m tired of pretending
And does love always make it worth it in the end?”
And I said, “sometimes”
“Only sometimes”


from Owl Faces, released October 7, 2015
Vocals - Minda Lacy
Backing Vocals - Eva Goubert
Guitar - Minda Lacy
Cello - Matt Fearon




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